DC Fray - #Fraylife - Rooftop Reset: Nourish Your Mind & Body

DC Fray invites you to join us for a family-style evening of mind & body education and nourishment on the beautiful rooftop farm of Up Top Acres located at 55 M Street SE.

The evening will begin with an introduction to the art and essence of meditation with Recharj.  Learn how to reduce stress, improve your health and gain peace of mind in a busy city. 

Once your mind has been placed at ease, Jay Vilar, founder of Nourish DC will provide you with a 4-course family-style meal, wine included. During this delicious dinner, Jay will educate you on how to heal, nourish and energize your body and health through different types of food and preparation techniques. He will change the way you think about what you consider “food” is.  

Ticket Price:

- First 10 Tickets are $69.00

- Ticket price will increase to $79.00 

- Extremely Limited Availability

 Experience Includes:

- 1 Hour Intro to Meditation Practice with Recharj

- 4-Course Meal and Nutrition Wellness Education with Nourish

- Wine (not a pairing, just available to enjoy)

- DC Fray Event Staff to ensure you have the best experience

Event Details:

- Event is from 6:00pm - 9:00pm (please plan on arriving 5 - 10 minutes prior)

- Meditation education will begin around 6:15pm

- Dinner will begin around 7:30pm

- You'll be home in time to re-watch Game Of Thrones


Palate Cleanser: Digestive Tonic Shot
- Apple Cider Vinegar 
- Lemon
- Ginger
- Turmeric 
- Cayenne Pepper
- Black Pepper 
Purpose: This will help stimulate the digestive juices and prepare the body to absorb the food's nutrients.
Appetizer: Tomato and Basil Salad
- Farm Fresh Tomato
- Locally Grown Basil
- Local Grassed Cheese
- Olive Oil 
- Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Purpose: This will teach you that delicious meals don't need to be complicated and using simple ingredients can make a very tasty meal. This dish will also introduce the value of Himalayan Salt. 
1st Course: Spicy Sauerkraut with sautéed collard greens 
- Fermented Sauerkraut 
- Collard Greens 
- Grass-Fed Butter 
Purpose: This dish is a wonderful introduction to fermented foods and natural probiotics, and that adding greens is another way of getting more B vitamins into your diet. 
Main Course: Organic Chicken Pesto over Zucchini Noodles 
- Organic Chicken
- Pesto
- Zucchini Noodles
Purpose: This introduces proteins, substituting carbs with vegetables, and bringing in more veggies into your life. 
Dessert: Avocado and Banana Mouse 
- Avocado 
- Banana 
- Maple Syrup 
- Dark Chocolate 
Purpose: This introduces that eating healthy also can include dessert, if prepared the right way.

Registration is CLOSED