Philly Fray - Philly Bocce - Art Museum - FA '15 - Wed


Get ready to join the ORIGINAL, BIGGEST, and WILDEST GLOW Bocce league in the Land! GLOW Bocce is becoming a Philly Bocce staple so we are bringing it back! This time the party is next to the Art Museum!

Glow balls, glow sticks every week - pump the music and we've got a party! All players play with neon glow bracelets and glow necklaces! Your body glows, the cones glow, the ball glows, everything GLOWS! We supply the GLOW, you supply the crazy! Season starts the September 30th and goes for 6 weeks, with playoffs immediately afterward.

After the games, keep the night glowing strong at the Bishop's Collar where they have hooked us up with weekly draft specials and a great atmosphere for you to hang with the league after the games!

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Registration is CLOSED