Flip'D - Flip'D - Flip'D Winter 2019

Welcome Everyone to the Your Favorite Past Time of FLIPPING CUPS!!!!! We are here for a new 10 week WINTER season in which you are guaranteed 2 games a week! Games start January 6th, 2019; Sundays at Satellite Room! We have partnered with Satellite Room to bring you an enjoyable season with a ton of great drink specials and atmosphere! Tell your friends and let's get Flip'D!


What do you get??

-10 weeks of games with 2 games minimum a week

-Fantastic Opening Party at Satellite Room

-Amazing Season Closing Party at Satellite Room

-Kickass T-shirt

-Free beer for your games!

-Drink Specials during games

-Theme Weeks

-One End of the Season Championship

-All the Flipping Fun you can have!!!!!


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***The Rules



There may be no less than 6 players per team. The maximum number of players on each team may not exceed 17. Official team players in attendance can “tag in” and trade off with other players between rounds. Each team must play a total of 8 cups, however each team may have less than 8 (but no fewer than 6) players at the table. If 8 players of any team are in attendance, all players must play.


A team that does not have a total of 8 players represented at any game will be allowed to play competitively and have their win counted so long as they have 6 players present. To complete the mandatory 8 cups with one or two players missing, a player may "double flip". "Double flipping" means that one player is responsible for two consecutive cup flips. Once the game play reaches the designated "double flip" player, that player flips two cups. The person "double flipping" may change during the course of the match, however, one player may not be the designated "double flipping" player consecutively. 



Designate one end of the table as the starting end, and the other as the anchor end. The first player at the starting side will be assigned cup #1 and so on down the line. The game starts when both player #1’s tap each other’s cup and then tap the table (also known as “The Gentleman’s Start.”) The Referee will count down "3, 2, 1, flip!" Then The Gentlemen Start will occur. From there each player #1 will drink the amount of beer in the cup. Beer must be poured to an appropriate line in the cup. Then they will place the cup FACE UP on the edge of the table and proceed to flip the cup until it lands FACE DOWN. Cups must be flipped and may not be tipped, or placed. Then player #2 can drink their beer and proceed to flip, and so on down the line until all team members have flipped. The first team to flip all of their cups wins that round.


When drinking the beer, all beer in the cup my be drank and swallowed. Cups that are flipped with beer still in them will get one team warning and then after that the team who continues to flip without finishing their beer, will forfeit the round. Also beer my not be dumped on the table, spilled down the front of a person or drank before the cup before you lands. All of these actions will result in infractions and a one warning system, to which the next consequence is loss of the round.


If 2 cups on opposing sides land at the same time you go to a tie breaker. Those two players will participate at the same time. The anchors will Gentleman’s Start, then both will flip. The first team to flip their cup will win.




Each team will send ONE representative to play King/Queen of the Table at various times during the day. The whole table will Gentleman’s Start with a call out from the commissioner and the last player to flip their cup is out. Starts will go as follows: One hand must be firmly behind the flippers back and the other hand must be flat (all fingers must be firmly flat on the table). False starts will not be accepted in this style of play. A false start will cause you to lose the round and no longer participate in this specific match and everyone will reset. This will continue until 1 player is left, and they are the King/Queen of the Table. Winners from each week’s King/Queen of the Table games will be eligible to participate in the King/Queen of the Table Championship during the Playoffs.


A person may try to play in the King/Queen as many times as they want. However, once you win, you may not play again.




1. Each team will compete twice per week against other teams in the league. Game times and assignments will be randomly assigned at the beginning of the season.

2. Each game will be a total of 9 rounds. Six players must play each round but may be substituted between rounds and ONLY between rounds. The first team to 5 rounds will win the game, but all 9 rounds will be played. The total number of rounds won by each team will be used as tie-breaker points.

3. The referee assigned to your game will record the number of games won by each team. Referee’s decisions are FINAL.

4. League rankings and seeding in playoffs will be decided first by number of games won then by number of rounds won. For example, if Team A and Team B have both won 6 games each, but Team A has won a total of 29 rounds and Team B has won a total of 28 rounds, Team A will be Seed #1 and Team B will be Seed #2.



Each team will be required to Referee other games. Referee position are listed at the begin of season online in the schedule. You must show up to referee your games, if you do not, then you will forfeit the next game should play. As a bonus, a refer will be given a beer to help them manage the strain of refereeing.


For King/Queen of the Table matches referees from each team will be required as well. They will Referee next to the commissioner and all questions about who landed last or false starts will be conferenced and voted upon. The majority vote on these issues will win.



The league is a place to enjoy friendship and fun. However, if the need arises, and the league needs to manage a league wide issue, each team may send one member of their team, who is not the captain, to serve as governing board member. The board will meet and decide outcomes from there. However, the final say is given to the commissioner and their ruling of what is best for the league.

This is an inclusive league and discrimination, bullying, or blatant disrespect will not be tolerated. Any incident of these happenings will result in removal of membership from the league.


Other events to be promoted by Flip’D must be about this league specific.


Registration is CLOSED